About Us

PAMMJ is a group of people who believe cannabis is an essential medicine and have seen the benefits manifested first hand. Over the past few years we have each entered the cannabis industry at different times and for different reasons, but cannabis is what brought us together. We are patients, each using cannabis to treat different conditions. We are advocatesWe are problem solvers.


The first problem we had in search of cannabis medicine was getting a card. In Pennsylvania, the most common way to get a MMJ certification is to attend a certification event. You go to an event, register on the Department of Health (DOH) website, then you wait, along with everyone else at the event, until the doctor can see you. As you can imagine, we waited hours until seeing the doctor, hoping to get certified. This is not convenient, not personal, and not ideal for those who may not want their marijuana use publicized. Since we all worked in the cannabis industry, we constantly had people asking us “How do I get a card?” but didn’t have a good answer for them because attending a certification event does not work for everyone.

So, we found a reliable, certified MMJ doctor. We wanted to provide patients the option to have a personal experience in a private office or teleconference where they can choose an appointment time that works best for them. Cannabis is complicated, getting your card should be simple.


As medical marijuana patients that work in the cannabis industry, we had a slight advantage when it comes to learning how to use cannabis as a medicine, but we still made plenty of mistakes. We have wasted product, we have taken too much cannabis and made ourselves paranoid, and we have nearly burned our hands off trying to heat a dab rig. We had many questions, but had a hard time finding direct and accurate answers. We are here to help you understand cannabis in all forms and hopefully help you avoid making some of the same mistakes we have.

Get Certified The Right Way