Who We Are

We are proud to be a patient-owned and operated Pennsylvania small business. After 5+ years of experience working in this industry, we founded PAMMJ with education in mind. We are patients helping patients.

our mission

The PAMMJ team has taken the initiative to provide a simple and efficient process for Pennsylvanians to obtain their medical card. We strive to provide premium service at an affordable price.


Is your medical card within 60 days of expiration/already expired?


The Pennsylvania Department of Health will not allow the physician to renew your patient certification until you are within 60 days of the expiration date on your medical card.

Please come back and book a call with the physician when you are within that time frame, and we will be happy to help you once you’re eligible. Please e-mail any questions to [email protected].


You are about to book a free consultation with a member of the PAMMJ team. This phone call is NOT your doctor’s appointment. You will be called at the time you select to answer your questions and assist you with scheduling a doctor’s appointment.


We are happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. What would you like to do?


Do you have any questions about renewing your card before meeting with the doctor?

Have you registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and obtained a Patient ID?